"South & East Africa 2011" story # 4

Roma, Lesotho           March 8, 2011

You hear it said in every country,
"The politicians are all bad,"
and yet gun-carrying mercenaries carry out their bidding.

Undermine authority.
Be imprisoned.
If you know better than the law,
Why follow it?
Be firm.

Evade taxes.
Tell the do-nothing beaurocrats,
"Govern only yourselves."
Be independent of their economy.

Ignore borders.
Carry no papers.
Seek not the approval of offices.
If you've your own approval,
Who else's matters?
Act as you see best.

Tell the heads of department,
"Go climb a tree and do your overseeing there."
Don't let regulations
rob the world of ingenuity and color.
Don't let corporations
rob the world of its spirit.
Don't allow the academics
to turn life-enriching wisdom into time-killing knowledge.

Turn off the television
and turn into a butterfly.
Turn off the radio
and form your own opinions.

Find a meaning
with no afterlife.

Be ungoverned,
be not bought,
and you will be good.

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