part I (the journey to Ethiopia)

saying good-bye to SMINJA, TUNISIA

wonderful children, on the streets of wonderful Sminja

wonderful adults, on Sminja's main road


overlooking San Domenico Square

a narrow street

eating an "arancina" (a fried ball of rice, cheese, and ham), a Sicilian specialty - with Enzo

a beach near Palermo

crazy fans ignite pink smoke at a Palermo Club soccer game


densely populated Malta, as seen by ferry

narrow streets of Malta

Ghajn Tuffieha Beach

me and a lizard, in the abandoned resort village I made my home

my office (for writing), in the abandoned resort village

a typical large church, in a Maltese village

the village of Birgu, celebrating its identity with flags

potted plants, on the streets of Birgu

me and a Spanish tourist, at Ghajn Tuffieha Beach

me and the Hungarian free-diver

picnic with the Hungarian free-diver

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