"Iran??? 2009" story # 2

south of Vienna, Austria           April 25, 2009

A week after leaving the Czech Republic, I was asleep in my tent in a soccer field in a village south of Vienna. And I dreamt.
     I dreamt that I was supposed to be working as a Czech plumbers' helper. But, Czech plumbers, probably because their country had been communist until recently, don't make much money nor work very hard. So, instead of working, I was just relaxing somewhere nearby while still getting paid.
     In fact, I was writing. And near to me was one of my favorite college professors, "Amanda". This professor must've been much older than me, because she'd had a pHd. while I was still nineteen. She had a pettite and curve-less body. She looked young and, with the little voice of a child, cute even. I wouldn't say she was physically attractive. But, she was wise in the ways of healthy living, teacher-student relations, and art, and I really respected her intellect.
     I repeatedly sought prof. Amanda's help while writing in the dream, because I couldn't think of the words I needed without her guidance.
     Afterwards, we were sitting together somewhere, and she put her arm around me. I wasn't even aroused, but I simultaneously had an orgasm. (This wasn't a wet dream; the ejaculation was merely dreamt.) The ejaculated substance was in fact an orange, vegetable spread (like the one I'd taste-tested in an Austrian supermarket during the daytime).
     Later on, my parents, a roll of French bread, and Honza the plumber made appearances, in different settings ...
     I think this dream was a mockery of the statement that we naturally desire to mate with those people who we think would make good parents.

keep dreaming,
Modern Oddyseus

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