"Siberia 2007" story # 51

DOCUMENT by Justin Breen
Tomsk, Russia           February 26, 2008

When I offered to show the dean my passport,
he called in the specialist on international matters.
Oh, that was unforeseen!
The specialist peeled my fake visa out of my passport,
and called it a "sticker".
Our work relationship was finished.

So, then,
I came up with my newest, revolutionariest
revolutionary idea.

      "Fuck, it's so damn revolutionary, it's completely retarded."

To travel with no documents.
                             No passport.______________No driver's licence.
Not legal.                  But, not quite illegal?

     When I have ideas I'm excited about, and they
              don't work,
                                    it makes me sad.

Dreams ... ___________Achieve my dreams.

"I'm pure and gentle and compassionate with an affinity for fun and a desire to do good."  Ya - neporochnyy i neznyy i sostradayushyy, kotoryy xochet zabavu, u xochet delat xorosho."   is all the document I need.

What would the police in China say?
                                 I have to learn Chinese.

No more "obmanovaya" lyudov.* Speak honestly.

"My uniform experience has taught me there is no other God than Truth." - Gandhi

Sit in prison. Why not?

                                   No more "obmanovaya" lyudov. :-)
                                (And what about my family?)

What I must do?
                            \  {drawing of mom}
                             \  {drawing of Grandpa}
                               \ {drawing of 80's Night}
 {drawing of Russia. \
arrows with question marks
leading West and East from Tomsk}

                                    the decision. ?
                                    Just Be.   Tonight.

- oct.17,2007 -

* - "obmanovaya" lyudov = "deceiving" people

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