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the Modern Oddyseus

Next Event: a Slideshow of Justin's Photos - Friday, March 25 at 7:30 pm - 4518 Papineau, Montreal

Justin has ...

snorkeled in Tobago                          lived as a local in 25 countries                          hitchhiked across the Sahara

volunteered with "The Crocodile Hunter"                read "Cyrano de Bergerac" in French                befriended the traditional Surma people                swum with Patagonian seals and penguins

spoken 20 languages                     visited Buddhist and Taoist monasteries                     waltzed at Czech winter balls

tried to catch a puffin                                    fought an entire army by himself ... and lost                                    written 581 travel stories

entered Russia illegally                          toured the Archipelago of the Bijagos by canoe                          danced Venezuelan salsa                          hitchhiked across Canada

eaten a goat's head in Greece                developed unique philosophies: the Romantic Revolution, Acts of Spontaneous Ecstasy, etc.                gone on South African safaris

sold his travel stories in Hebrew                     seen the weird way Arctic reindeer run                     played baseball on Lake Michigan beaches

gotten beaten up by British hooligans                                         been bitten by a poisonous, Amazonian ant                                         made his readers laugh out loud

traveled on $5 a day                snuck into his Arabic girlfriend's house at night, so the villagers wouldn't kill him                fallen in love with Laos

taught English on the old Silk Road                traveled 15+ years as a student of people, life, and happiness                enjoyed a winter in Siberia

On February 10th, 2016 in Montreal, Justin was one of four speakers presenting a workshop entitled "The Secrets of Traveling".
The description for this event, on its FB event page, began with:

Guest speakers:
Justin (Presented in a mixture of French and English):
He has travelled through 71 countries and has spoken 21 languages
and will provide practical advice on backpacking/hitchhiking plus sharing his favourite spots.

The event generated so much interest! 248 people confirmed that they'd be attending, while 1,300 people were interested
A note was posted, informing people there was limited space.
On the night of the event, 160 people came for the workshop.
There was room for 100 of them.
Justin began the event by lecturing for 40 minutes in French (though his first language is English),
giving "how-to" traveling advice to the people in attendance.
The evening was a great success!


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