"Rest of the World 2013-14" story # 61

Analyzing the World           October 21, 2014

And finally, here were twenty-five of my original thoughts - taken from the journals I called my "Books of Philosophy".
     Spanning from 2006 to 2014, they were listed in chronological order ...

"'Young' believe the best part of their lifes lies ahead of them. 'Old' believe it's passed."

"Without a superior being, everyone is the same."

"Don't feel the need (competative) to have your ego-self identified with a skill or accomplishment that makes you 'special'. Instead, be liked because you're pure and gentle and compassionate and have an affinity for fun and a desire to do good."

"A fully free person doesn't age."

"While traveling: Give up comfort? Go with the flow? Stop complaining! This is your life. Enjoy it. Live with others. Be Russian."

"Say simple things."

"The less money you touch, the cleaner your hands."

"Let's be naked!"

"The more people obtain their joys from technology, the more their existence will seem antagonistic to others."

"Having no money is empowering."

"Free yourself from your appearance."

"People need so little to survive. And yet they ask so much of their fellow man. My idea of progress is learning how to live and be happy with less."

"Life is meant to be easy. It's our fears and selfishness that make it hard."

"The health and well-being of the world rely on the people's ability to be employed by themselves."

"No worse place to shop than at a corporation.
"No uglier building than a corporation's.
"No worse job than for a corporation.
"No worse business to own than a corporation."

"The most important thing in life is to realize that you are no worse nor no better than anyone else - that they are you. And then you'll be free."

"Who, if he was truly a success, wouldn't want to live in his hometown?"

"Masturbation and pornography transport a man to a fantasy world, one that costs him dearly in the real world. He must maintain his focus on the real world, and try to make it more like the fantasy world he desires."

"Money allows people who are truly odious and cowardly to appear as if they have some value."

"Assume girls don't want to kiss you. Accept it. Then, offer them a kiss."

"Being paid to do something excludes you from greatness."

"Free yourself from God."

"The whole system (police, teachers) is set up to keep us from flying. The whole system (religion) is set up to make us have meaningless lives. The only thing we can do is give birth to more meaningless people, to be used by the system."

"We were born to do things, not to have things. Doing things is the opposite of having things, because doing things is constructive, but having things is destructive because we may prevent others from using them."

"When angry people give speeches, the people become angrier. When happy people give speeches, the people become happier."

Okay, already. It was time to put the "Books of Philosophy" away.
     It was time to resume with stories of my travels.
     What would happen to me after I realized my dream of doing twenty-five thrumps in twenty-five countries, the last one being Ethiopia?
     Would I make it home safely?
     Where exactly was my home?

peace and wisdom,
Justin Breen

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