"Western Africa 2012" story # 37

I MISS ... (a poem)
The train to Marrakech, Morocco           December 11, 2012

... Seeing my mom's smile.
Hearing about the short story my dad's just finished writing.
Discussing current events with Grandma Breen.
Fishing with Grandpa Breen.
Talking to Grandpa Bott about his days of youth in northern Michigan.
Hugging Grandma Bott for baking me pumpkin pie.
Feasting with aunts and uncles and cousins on Thanksgiving.
Laughing a great big booming laugh with my brother, whose laugh is the same as mine.
Walking to the park with beautiful Tucker our corgy dog.

Shooting free throws at the park.
Visiting my friend Chris's house on the next street over and playing him in basketball.
Playing or watching baseball.
Heckling at sporting events.

Swimming in Lake Michigan during summer.
Admiring autumn colors.
Standing under falling snowflakes.

Riding my bike around town.
Speaking with people whose first language is the same as mine.
Working with people who have a different first language than mine, in a Mexican restaurant.
Picking out books from the library.
Swing dancing downtown on Tuesday nights.
Blues dancing on Thursdays.
Meeting my friend Zach on Wednesdays to discuss our ambitions and love lifes.

Sitting at a table playing Scrabble or cards.
Listening to my own CDs.
Reading novels.
Watching "Seinfeld".
Pouring myself a bowl of cereal each morning.
Eating my dad's pancakes with bacon and syrup.
Ordering pizza.
Awaiting my mom's peas, mushroom rice, and baked chicken on Sundays.
Dining with other people.

Taking a break from traveling.
Being home.

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