"East Europe 2005-06" story # 3

Xania, Greece           September 18, 2005

Sorry, one more interjection.
     -- I just wanted to clear up one thing from the, "Eliminate the Oikoyeneia" story. What the hell was I thinking when I wrote that?
     -- Just kidding. I wanted to explain my dreams ... dreams (dramatic, apocalyptic, violin music inserted here) of going arrround the world!
     -- Some may say that because these are individual dreams they're also selfish dreams: as selfish as those of the man who wants to own all the gold in the world, or the man who wants to make a poo on the Mona Lisa. Or maybe not that selfish. But selfish nonetheless, and therefore, why should anyone be expected to support me along the way?
     -- But, I disagree. I'm studying people, life, happiness, and all the different beliefs and ideologies found in the cultures I visit. This is fantastic training for a person who wants to help make the world a better place. I don't think anybody should hold a high political position until she's been around the world. Except for Gandhi.
     -- I'm also sharing my stories as I go. Sure, maybe a monkey could write them, but share them I dooh ooh ee ah ah, give me a banana, ooh eeee!
     -- And, thirdly, I'm tyring to accomplish my travels in the least-privileged way possible. If I consume minimally and travel within the means of an average world citizen - not a lucky American - then maybe even poor Brazilians or Asians could begin to see travel as a possibility. EVERYBODY should be able to go around the world.
     -- But, people with really deranged dreams maybe shouldn't be allowed in art museums.
     -- There's definitely conflict in the world. We can act in the interest of everyone, or we can forget about everyone and act in the interest of ourselves. I believe it's possible (and beneficial) for a person to care as much about every other person as he does himself.
     -- Of course, if someone dreams of going arrround the world just because she wants to see the world, I think that's fine too. She could give a little and try not to consume too much. Maybe she just wants to go meet her family?
     -- I am having a whole heck of a lot of fun. One night on Crete, me and two dark-haired, twenty-something boys from Athens jumped in the pool beside our campground bar. We practiced diving football (soccer) kicks and had a creative slam-dunk contest into an intertube. --
     All right, now we're finally starting to talk about Greece! ... but, this is the end of the story? That was ALL interjection! huh? who's writing this, anyway?

ahwkk, bye! ahh oo oo - #1 monkey on-staff

P.S. - I think Mahatma Gandhi did pretty much go around the world. What a guy!

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