"South America on $320" story # 26

Santa Marta, Colombia           July 26, 2002

While I was in Colombia, my creative brother hosted one of his e-mail poetry contests. I entered in "La Lucha Latina", based on my experience in Colombia. My bro and I pretty much agreed that my poem was the worst of the five talented entries, including his. But, the judges ultimately proved themselves to be the wiser when it comes to recognizing quality and fine craftsmanship, because they awarded mine the esteemed blue ribbon. Ha, Brandon, who´s is the worst now!? You face in the crowd!
     yeah ... here it is ...


stomach desiring
throat contracting
forehead fevering
skin sticking
pockets coughing
clothes collecting
health escaping
will waning
luck abandoning

Today, I have sold many empanadas.
My family will eat fried bananos verdes,
beans, and rice.
Rich "comida de los pobres."
Tomorrow will be another proud day.
On the streets,
selling beside my friends.

spirit steadily strengthening
the latin fight continuing

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